010 - Microscopic pond life.

posted Jun 25, 2014, 3:53 PM by Marc Griffith   [ updated Mar 26, 2016, 7:34 PM ]
Marc gets a sample of slime from a pond near the Zunag river in Ecuador and then puts it under the microscope so see what is there.

The setup that I show in the video is a later one to that which I took the original shots.
It was the same olympus microscope but rather than with the teleconverter I had unscrewed the top lens of the eyepiece and then mounted the camera on top of that with a tube, very budget but it worked!
I am getting much better results with the new setup, of course it is still evolving and I will have another video using it soon. 


Microscopic pond life.

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The index below is clickable in the youtube description.

1:52 - Tadpole
3:17 - Paramecium - Thanks to Carlos and Rik, I have since learned that this is probably not Paramecium still it is some sort of Ciliate Protozoa. 
4:06 - Bacteria
4:53 - Amoeba - Protozoa
5:05 - Peranema - Flagellate Protozoa
6:18 - Diatom
6:39 - Spirogyra
7:27 - Filamentous Bacteria
8:15 - Chironomidae, Midge Fly Larvae