CHDK Canon Hack Development Kit

Another tool that I use. It really helps to bring those old point and shoot cameras to life. I use them for time-lapse duty and CHDK helps me to do just about anything I want with them.

More content to come.

USB remote zoom. :) need a calibration shoot.

HDR time lapse.

Bracketing in continuous mode..

ISO 720. Set camera to 80.

I use + mode

use the timer to shoot two/3 shots and it will shoot 80, 800, 1250

enfuse each set with default settings.

msdos copy

copy /y nul vers.req


use 'stick' run with sudo for osx

Arduino controlled S90 CHDK timelapse

Camera settings..

Disable auto off and energy saving.

Screen turn off can be disabled in CHDK.

Manual mode

disable raw

disable subtract dark frames.

jpeg quality to suit.

For ISO bracketing, set timer to custom 0 delay, 2 shots.

iso 80. (lowest)

focus in macro mode then switch to manual.

CHDK settings.

set dont turn off screen

disable RAW, and dont reset settings on startup.

iso bracketing, 120 + mode. set not to reset bracketing settings.

remote: Normal mode.