cdto: An excellent tool for using the command line with osx

How to open a terminal window from the current folder in finder.

Experienced users of the command line use tools like ls,cd and pwd to navigate the directory structure on your computer (real nerds simply use the force). Navigating directories or folders via the command line is slow, painful and probably a little bit antiquated given that the GUI has been around for 50 years. IMHO probably the most off putting thing about the command line is simply getting to the folder that you want to execute that special command at.

Fortunately for OSX there is a great little application called cdto that allows you to quickly open terminal from whatever directory you are looking at in finder:

Nice thing is it is open source too. :)

Easy, just click it in finder and it will open a terminal window that is already at the same folder you were viewing with finder.

And of course to go the other way there is simply:

open .

Windows, I'm sure there is something out there for you heathens.

Linux, I know Ubuntu has an optional context menu, or you could just use the force.