The Gear

I always get these questions, so full disclosure on the equipment I use to film Biodiversity Shorts.

Currently I am a big fan of the Canon EOS-M camera using old minolta glass via an adapter. I have loaded these cameras with magic lantern which opens up many features normally only available on much more expensive cameras. I was lucky when I started that the price of the EOS-M went as low as $220 for a body. So I bought three of them. Multiple angles, one or two dedicated to time lapse. The advantages of multiple cameras is huge.

There is a lot of hype and lies on the internet about what cameras are good for video, most of this is driven purely by profit. My opinion, you don't need the latest and most expensive gear to get great results. Hopefully my work proves that. I did a lot of homework before I chose the vintage glass and EOS-M route. The only thing I miss is low light performance as I live in the dark and cloudy jungle. A future body upgrade when I can afford it will solve that.

That said, I may as well flog stuff for profit too:

My Amazon store includes some of the equipment that I use regularly. I have customised the store to include my own comments on each type of equipment. Using this store will add no cost to you and I get a small commission which helps me to continue my work.

Please expect more reviews, testing and how-to videos here in the future. So far I only have this review/teardown on the adapters I use. This type of content with be hosted on my alternate channel. Marc Grifffith.