004 - Shrimp farms vs Mangrove forests.

Post date: May 25, 2014 4:57:26 PM

Mangrove forests

Mangrove forests are under threat all around the world, see how eating less prawns can help to prevent this habitat loss.

I went on a short eco-tour in a mangrove river system while we were on holiday here in Ecuador. Initially the idea of this video was just to talk about the birds that I observed, however once I got home and looked at some satellite imagery of the area I decided to put an environmental spin on it.

Filmed hand held with a 17-50mm Tamron Stabilised lens. Many of the shots were using the video crop mode on the Magic Lantern loaded EOS-M, this gave the lens the reach of a decent telephoto. Not all the shots had image stabilisation on.

Position is very important when shooting like this I was sitting semi cross legged with my elbows in my knees for added stability. I was also using a custom built viewfinder which was essential for checking focus and the added third point of stability. (my head).