012 - Single Shot Shorts

Post date: Jan 2, 2015 4:27:23 PM

Quite often we manage to get some fantastic footage but it just has no context in a full episode. So we created the Single Shot Short. A simple clip usually with no voice over. Check the video descriptions for more detail. Single shot shorts can be easily identified by the light blue title. There is also a special playlist over on Youtube.

This strawberry was shot over one week under a combination of red, green and blue LEDs that were left constantly on.

I really expected the strawberry to begin rotting, growing mould and attracting fruit flies but the intensity of the light was enough to prevent any fungus growth on all but the bottom of the strawberry.

The LEDs were even strong enough to quickly kill the insects that managed to get inside the enclosure.

The result: an LED dried strawberry that might just be edible.

I will most probably add an arduino to this time-lapse machine so it can do it in the dark and just turn on the lights when taking a photo.

Feeding on a very obliging pink banana that has its own built in hummingbird perch.

I have cheated here a little, the audio from this clip is from a different hummingbird, the Green Violet Ear.

I had been trying for years to get close to these birds. The locals tend to shoot them for eating their corn. This family realised that the camera was not a gun and decided to come in very close to investigate. I got quite a show for several minutes.