Dinosaur footprints of Broome, Western Australia

Post date: Jun 14, 2020 12:05:10 AM

The worlds largest dinosaur footprints along with thousands of others can be found near Broome in Western Australia. They are located on spectacular coastline which many tourists come a long way to see. The tourists are often completely oblivious to the fact that beneath their feet are 130 million year old impressions of dinosaur feet embedded in the sandstone.

Since working in the Kimberly area I have been a little obsessed with the footprints and spent quite a lot of time doing my own exploring of the area. The coastline up here is vast and strong tides can change the landscape quickly so there is every chance you can go out and discover prints that have not been seen by any human, ever. Best to get a photo because the next tide will do its best to turn that print back to sand.

This would make a great Biodiversity Shorts episode. So I went out, filmed a lot, used a drone to document what I found and generally just enjoyed exploring and imagining dinosaurs all over the place. I did this between tours over a couple of years. Then, on the plane flying out of Broome I watched an awesome little segment in a documentary called '"Outback" The Kimberley Comes Alive' on the very same footprints. I discovered a fellow named Steve Salisbury had been studying the footprints for years and had even documented them all using drones. At the time I was a little disappointed that someone had beat me to it but I later found that in order to watch that documentary again I would have to book another Broome-Perth flight with Qantas.

With my seasonal work cancelled this year and some necessary self isolation I had the chance to seriously nerd out. I learnt all I could on the subject, experimented with some cool special effects and polished the footage into what I think is a half decent documentary.

So this is my contribution to raising awareness, promoting and telling the world about the dinosaur footprints of Broome, Western Australia.

Big screen, big speakers. Enjoy.

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